STAYING ACTIVE (1) from Living a Full Life, MMP, Oogachaga

dreamstime_4971867To different mature people, being active would mean different things. Some find joy in reading, listening to music, watching DVDs, gardening and other activities which can be done privately and in the comfort of their own homes. Others prefer to go out and participate in activities and outings with friends. Many find contributing actively to their communities through volunteering or connecting to themselves mentally and spiritually as fulfilling. Well, the important thing is to know and do what works for you.
Finding your Spiritual and Religious self
Many mature men shared that spirituality or religion helps them in maintaining a positive mindset. This could be a good time to reconnect with these aspects of your life and reflect on your life journey. You will be pleased that there are gay friendly religious groups such as Free Community Church, Heartland or As-Salam that you can consider if you need one. You can also get connected to yourself by doing self reflection daily. Organise a fixed time daily to write a one-sentence journal or take a look back on your day, to think about what you did right and wrong, what could be improved.
Taking up a Hobby
Consider taking up a new hobby like drawing and painting especially if you are talented in these areas. Other kinds of hobbies include photography, singing, dancing and travelling. Finding others who like the same hobbies would really make it more exciting; especially for many mature men who would most likely have more time after reprioritising goals in life or are slowing down and looking forward to retirement.
If you appreciate arts, apart from the National Heritage Board art galleries and museums for the general public, there are good art collections in gay-friendly places like Utterly Art and DYMK in Chinatown. If you have always wanted to write a book, it might be a perfect time to start the project.
If shopping is what excites you, you may want to visit some boutiques catered for LGBT communities as well as many other online local stores such as SportsMenAsia or No Frills Factory Outlet. There are clothes that suit all ages ranging from the more conservative to the daring.
Starting your Exercise Regime
Exercise keeps you physically healthy and for many, a good way to de-stress and maintain a positive mental health. However, caution should be taken especially if this is not something you have been doing all along. You should consult a doctor before starting on your exercise plan. Having a buddy or a group of friends to exercise with you is always a plus in terms of motivation and bonding. They can keep a lookout for your safety too.
Look out for Part 2, coming out soon.
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