Sunday, 15 June 2014, 2 pm

Tamar Park, Admiralty, Hong Kong Island

 Picture 061

Pink declaration:  Let’s support the freedom to love and build a more equal and inclusive society!

There we have it: Pink Dot Hong Kong has been successfully held with an attendance of 12,000 from the LGBTQ community as well as supporters and well-wishers.

The event held this afternoon is a first for Hong Kong and the organizers emphasized that it first started in Singapore.  Representing Singapore was Paerin Chao, one of the organizers for Pink Dot Singapore.  Paerin delivered well-wishes for the event and expressed Pink Dot Singapore’s happiness that the ideal of freedom to love has spread to other countries.

The atmosphere was family carnival-like with even an air-filled rubberized bouncy castle where little children were bouncing safely and enjoying themselves.  Many families including children, some still infants, were present and groups of friends and family had their picnic sheets spread out on the well-manicured lawn for a relaxing afternoon.  There were booths ranging from portrait sketching to Henna tattoos to Chinese calligraphy to tarot card readings on top of the corporate booths.

After the event, which climaxed with a picture of the pink dot taken from a helicopter hovering above us, there was a concert which started with the theme song of Pink Dot Hong Kong, a canto version of La vie en rose sung by C Allstar, a popular boy band from Hong Kong made up of 4 good-looking young men http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cDgXhiG87vc.The program which followed was like a Hong Kong Who’s Who with performances and appearances by stars like Alex To, Anthony Wong, Wong Chau-sun and Denise Ho.  Many other celebrities joined in the show which also featured Hong Kong educators and Christian leaders who support the LGBTQ community.  Two celebrity families showed up to support their gay daughters – Denise Ho’s parents and the family of famous actor Michael Wong whose daughter, Kayla, is also gay.  There was also a segment which raised the profile of old folks and other disadvantaged groups with their representatives stepping forward.  The whole event was covered in sign language.

The event was supported by sponsors ranging from international banks and financial institutions like JP Morgan, Merrill Lynch, Barclays and Goldman Sachs to international organizations like Google and other local sponsors.

If there’s anything to say about Pink Dot Hong Kong, this one thing should be said – that where a basic universal human right like the freedom to love is concerned, everyone regardless of color, creed, age, sex and sexual orientation needs to make a stand and they were all represented at Tamar Park this afternoon.


Look out for a reflective piece on Pink Dot Hong Kong coming out in a week or two’s time.

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