Bring Out Your Best Pinks, Everyone!

pink dot 2015 banner

Photo source:  internet

This is where we grew up,

grazed our knees,

broke our hearts.

This is where we fell in love,

despite tough lessons and bitter pills,

beat-downs and buzz-kills.

In the places we least expect it,

we learn to love….


These are the hauntingly beautiful words that introduced the promotional video for Pink Dot 2015. Yes, it is the pink time of year again.  It was just like yesterday, when we last put on our best pink and converged on Hong Lim Park.  Wait a minute…..that was almost a year ago.  Wow, how time has flown.

Yes, Pink Dot is earlier this year to avoid clashing with the Hari Raya Puasa fasting month, an important month for the Muslims.  Come this Saturday and the green grass lawns of Hong Lim Park will once again turn pink. Once again, the pink dot will grow as the crowd fills, most evident as seen from time-lapse cameras.

It is a well-known fact that it is something of a misnomer to call it a pink dot now.  With the likes of 26,000 attendees, 2014’s estimated figure, it is more like a pink oasis.  For a couple of hours in a year, Hong Lim Park becomes an oasis providing the warmth and the celebration of loving and being loved.

The opposing voices seem softer this year.  Instead of loud cries, they have decided that praying for rain on the event would be a better option.  Other than this, nothing else seems to be brewing.  Would this lack of obvious opposition lead to complacency and reduce the attendance at the event?  Well, we will see very soon this coming Saturday. Opposition or no opposition, we as a community really come in peace and wish for a peaceful celebration of love.


…we come in peace…


On a different note, this event gives visibility to the community in a peaceful way.  In Singapore, the voice of the authorities has always said that we will not change the law now because Singaporean society is conservative and we are not ready.  It sounds like it may finally be a numbers game.  Will readiness ultimately be determined by the number of supporters we have?  Then in that case, our celebration this Saturday might jolly well be one indication of numbers.

It is this Octoberman’s hope that Pink Dot 2015 will see even more people coming.  By the way of a damper, the weather forecast for this Saturday is thunderstorm.  But hey, there is such an invention called the umbrella so don your best pink and if you have a pink brolly, bring it too.  You presence counts.


It is very, very important

that you are there.


In the words of Patricia Mok, famous local comedienne and one of this year’s ambassadors, “this is very important”.  Okay, okay it is taken slightly out of context, but who cares.  It is indeed very, very important that you are there.  And who knows, you might be able to shake hands with someone important – someone who delights in wearing pink shirts at many public events might take up the organiser’s invitation and wear one of his handsome pink shirts to the event.

Watch ambassadors’ video:

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