Has the week been tiring and tiresome?  Were there moments you wished you were somewhere else?

Well, the weekend is here.  So here are 5 music videos to help you feel even better.

  1. The Dreamily Beautiful
ayumi 2

Photo source: Screen capture from MV


Photo source: Unknown (from Internet)

How Beautiful You Are is an MV by the gorgeous Japanese international singing star Ayumi Hamasaki (滨崎步).  It features the late porn star, an equally gorgeous Masaki Koh with his real life Chinese model partner, Tien Tien.  The MV celebrates all kinds of love which the ‘normal’ world finds weird.  Look out for the Masaki-Tien Tien bit which starts with a fight in anger and ends in a passionate kissing scene.  Remember to watch to the end of the MV because the scene is there.—how-beautiful-you-are/90433411af8046f6b68e92c784400535

  1. The Sexily Raunchy

The second MV is All the Lovers by the Aussie superstar Kylie Minogue.  The special effects created a stunning picture of a human Christmas tree of beautiful people with almost nothing on, engaged in passionate petting and kissing.  Of course the star on top of the tree is Kylie herself singing the rather catchy song.

  1. The Harmoniously Honest
something like love

Photo source: Screen capture from MV

The third MV I Love You, Even If You’re A Man (你是男的,我也爱) entitled Speechless (无言) comes from China.  It is the MV off-shoot from the very popular series Similar to Love (类似爱情) which is based on a popular online story about the unlikely love affair between 2 young men, one a stylish rich guy An Ziyan 安子晏(played by Kong Chuinan 孔垂楠) and the other, a nerdy student Mai Ding 麦丁(played by Huang Lige 黄礼格).

The song in the MV uses the tune of Sometimes When We Touch and like the original song has an honesty in the lyrics that is really quite refreshing.  On top of this, the 2 young actors have above-average pipes.

If you are still unmoved by the MV, you may want to catch the actual video of the entire story on youtube.

  1. The Cheekily Naughty
I like your bubble

Photo source: Screen capture from MV

Sebastian Castro is the singer of Peruvian-Asian descent who burst into the entertainment scene with his naughtily suggestive MV I Like Your Bubble.  Of course the fact that he is handsome with a boyish charm and the fact that white underwear can be very sexy added to his popularity.

  1. The Delightfully Romantic
Life is beautiful 3

Photo source: Screen capture from MV

Well this last one doesn’t really qualify as an MV. It basically contains songs from the South Korean drama series Life is Beautiful and uses scenes from it.  The series is about a 3-generation family living on Jeju Island and features the love story of the pair of gay protagonists Yang Tae-Sub, the grandson (played by Song Chang-Eui) and his live-in partner Kyung Soo (played by Lee Sang-Woo).  The video captures scenes of the 2 love-birds and seriously it can be quite romantic to see 2 young people in love.

Well, hopefully you’ll find the 5 MVs interesting and entertaining enough to forget all your troubles, fill up your boring nights or simply make you feel a whole lot better.  What’s important is to be aware that all is not bleak in love, love of any kind.  Yes, life is beautiful.

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