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Two Bromances on the internet come to mind:  one is the 2014 Thai movie by the name of My Bromance (Pee Chai in Thai) and the other is Season 1 of the series Heroin aka Addicted, which was banned on China TV but is now available on Youtube.

Both have rather similar story lines:  Mother of the one of the young men remarries the father of the other young man so both technically become step-brothers.  They start off with the usual teething problems that come from the sudden appearance of strangers in their lives and soon the step brothers begin to develop feelings for each other.  And there you have it – a bromance…..and then when you begin to spend so much time together the sexual attraction takes its natural course and romance ensues.

My Bromance aims more or less to be a weepie.  The relationship starts with Golf (Teerapat Lohanan) resenting Bank (Pongsatorn Sripinta) the new young man coming into his life and stealing the love of his father.  He bullies Bank who accepts it with much longsuffering.  When a classmate stands up for Bank and tells Golf off for his actions, Golf suddenly realises how cruel he has been and accepts the new young man into his life.  Acceptance soon leads to sexual attraction on both sides and after some hesitation, both pledge their everlasting love for each other.  But then, “the course of true love never did run smooth”, so says the Bard, and the pair encounters opposition which, as a tear-jerker, of course ends in tragedy.  And frankly, the movie really does try its best to milk the tears at the end.

Heroin gets its name from a combination of the first names of the 2 lead characters Hai (海) and Luoying (洛因) which together is heroin (海洛因), hence also explaining the other name Addicted.  Unlike My Bromance, the 2 young men in Heroin do not know that they are step brothers until some episodes later.  After transferring schools to get away from his father and new mother, Gu Hai becomes fascinated by Bai Luoyin whose penmanship impresses him.  The fascination increases as Gu Hai begins to see how intelligent this handsome young man is.  He moves in and tries to befriend Bai Luoyin who although initially rejecting him, slowly begins to accept him and the relationship develops from there.

So when does Bromance end and romance begin?

It may be difficult to tell.  If both films are anything to go by, whether there is such a thing called bromance in the gay world or not is even suspect. If you watch the Thai movie, the minute the animosity Golf has for Bank is dispelled, the sexual attraction sets in.  What do you expect when your father makes you both sleep in the same room, on the same bed with a good looking dude who so happens to be your new brother?  The only thing that stands in the way is confessing the attraction to each other which takes a natural course for the 2 young men.

The situation is even more obvious in the Chinese series.  There really is no real animosity to begin with.  In its place is fascination on one side and rejection out of a ‘who-is-this-dude-trying-to-be-my-friend?’ type of suspicion more than one of repulsion.  But then who can suspect a suave good-looker for long?  And as Gu Hai says in a later episode to Bai Luoyin, “I’m sure you know that right from the start, my friendship goes beyond just pure friendship.”  So there you have it….was there ever bromance even?

The funny thing about the love lives of the 2 young men is that they both had girl friends before.  In Season 1, they try their best to varying degrees of success to dump them.  The question then is one which I think would even fascinate Psychology – can you bend a straight guy?  Heroin seems to suggest so.  But then, maybe, they only thought they were straight to begin with.

So there you have it.  If the 2 gay offerings are anything to go by, gay bromance doesn’t exist.  Put 2 sexually healthy good looking gay dudes together and wham bam…..natural chemistry takes over.

But then, hey….don’t let these serious thoughts ruin your enjoyment of watching the 2 offerings.  Just go with the flow and watch them on youtube and if you can, tell my pseudo-academic ramblings to go fly a kite.



Info about the 2 films:

Heroin aka Addicted

Language:  Chinese (with English Subtitles)

Country and Year of Origin:  China 2016

Origins:  Adapted from Chai Jidan’s BL Novel “Are You Addicted” 柴鸡蛋的耽美小说原著《你丫上瘾了》改编

Main Characters:

Bai Luoyin 白洛因(Actor: Xu Weizhou 許魏洲饰)

Gu Hai 顾海 (Actor: Johnny Huang Jingyu 黄景瑜饰)

Other info:  Season 1 – 15 episodes

Watch it at:


Actual series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZJfd1B11Ks


Language:  Thai (with English Subtitles)

Country and Year of Origins:  Thailand 2014

Main Characters:

Golf (Actor: Teerapat Lohanan)

Bank (Actor: Pongsatorn Sripinta)

Other info:  Movie time – 1:59 hours

Watch it at:

Trailer:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jo93vDfWzmg

Movie Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8C1fk-19Qhg

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